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Key Benefits of Wireless Connectivity

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When you are working in a dynamic and busy environment, it can be incredibly handy for your office to be connected to the network wirelessly. Having wireless connectivity in your office can have many benefits that you may find will help your working day flow smoothly. Wireless connectivity is very popular in many offices and has its advantages. If you’re still not convinced, Midshire have compiled a list of benefits of going wireless.

Increased Mobility

Within the office, employees can move around to their heart’s content with their device and still be connected to the network. If you needed to show a colleague what you have been working on or other similar situation, this could be possible very easily without having to unplug your machine or anything of the sort. Wireless connectivity is extremely convenient if you need to move around the office.


On a wireless network, employees are able to share and collaborate on work easier than ever before. Files can be shared easily if colleagues are on the same wireless network, therefore improving efficiency and productivity in the workplace. As multiple devices can connect with wireless connectivity at any one time, this is ideal for any size office that requires sharing or collaborating on projects.

If you have clients that visit who would also like to connect to the network this would be very simple and hassle-free.

Long Term Efficiency

If your office has wireless connectivity, you can expect less equipment which means less maintenance and therefore lower long term costs for your company. This may be stating the obvious slightly but being connected wirelessly automatically means less wires in the workplace which could clutter up your desk or even the floor. This is perfect for reducing the risk of injury or even breaking anything within the office. It is also incredibly easy to connect new users to the network, rather than having to waste time wiring up their machine.

WLAN Controlled

Having a wireless connection means you will have a WLAN controller in your office, which enables you to control and manage your connectivity. This can help to guarantee coverage in your work environment and enable everything to run smoothly.

There are many reasons why your office would benefit from going wireless. If you feel like you want to move your office over to a wireless connection then please contact one of our teams.