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Why WLAN for Business?

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The mobile data rate is the new currency of today, and having local wireless networks (WLAN) on-the-go are therefore a must-have for businesses.

The hunger for mobile data is insatiable: worldwide 1.3 billion workers are on-the-go with mobile computers, smartphones and tablets – and the trend is increasing. Currently, 71% of mobile communications occur via WLAN – it‘s about time to engage your business and your customers!

WLAN stands for Wireless Local Area Network. This is a type of network where the data is not transmitted via cables but over the air through the use of wireless transmitters and receivers.

WLANs are deployed in areas where a wide number of computers may connect to the network but not at the same time. Places like Coffee Shops and Fast Food Chains often add WLAN to their stores to entice more customers who do not stay for extended periods. Even at home where you have a somewhat fixed number of computers that connect to the network, WLAN for business is also preferred as it gives users the freedom to move around the office and carry their laptops with them without needing to fuss with cables.

Advantages of WLAN for business:

  • Mobility: With a laptop computer or mobile device, access can be available throughout a premises. More and more businesses are also offering free Wi-Fi access.
  • Fast setup: If your computer has a wireless adapter, locating a wireless network can be as simple as clicking “Connect to a Network” — in some cases; you will connect automatically to networks within range.
  • Cost: Setting up a wireless network can be much more cost effective than buying and installing cables.
  • Expandability: Adding new computers to a wireless network is as easy as turning the computer on (as long as you do not exceed the maximum number of devices).

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