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Top tips to enhance your broadband connectivity

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It is clear that broadband speeds fluctuate throughout the day, which can cause some serious problems for your business. However, if you find you are getting slow speeds constantly, there are three possibilities:

• There is a major fault in your area

• Something has been changed at your premises, causing your broadband to slow down

• There is a fault with your connection

Here are a list of things to look out for to get the best speeds for your broadband.

1.       Where is your router located?

Ensure that your route is away from sources of electrical interference. There are quite a few things that can affect your routers performance if you position it too close. Keep your router away from TV’s, monitors, dimmer switches, PC speaker, desk lamps and so on. Wireless routers work best when there is a clear space around them. That means no thick walls, ceilings, radiators, and anything else that could get in the way of the signal.

2.       Be kind to your computer

Clogging up your computer with files can affect the speed of both the computer and the speed you can browse the internet. So ensure that are regularly clearing up your disc space. Empty your cache is a simple, effective and easy way to reduce slowing down your internet connection.

3.       Are you meeting the minimum spec?

Use an up-to-date router. Using an old router that you have had for years could be the cause of reduce speeds. Using a modern computer. Computers can get old pretty fast. Keeping your computer up-to-date could be the answer to the problems you may be experiencing.  Reduce the number of users on the line (no matter what device they are using). Check to see how many people are actually using the same broadband connection. It may be that you have got too many users for your wireless signal to cope with effectively.

4.       Test to see if there is a problem with your set-up

Use an Ethernet cable instead of a wireless connection. You will get a faster speed connecting to your computer directly to the router using an Ethernet cable. However, this may not always be practical. In which case, you will need to make sure the wireless router works efficiently, so … Make sure you have a micro-filter on all equipment plugged into the broadband line. If you’re plugging any item into a socket on your broadband line, phone, router, modem, fax etc you must always plug into a micro filter before plugging into the line socket.

Plug your router into your main telephone socket rather than an extension. Try a different computer on the same connection

5.       Try the speed tester

You may think your connection is slow, but it may be the fastest connection you can get. Test your broadband speed now.