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The right telephone system for your business?

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In an age dominated by connectivity with smartphones and tablets, businesses often overlook and forget to pay close attention to the phone systems they choose. Effective communication plays a very important role in any business. In fact, behind the success of every business, the telephone system still plays a major role.

With many telephone systems today having similar features and competitive pricing, distinguishing between them can prove to be a difficult task.

There are in essence a number of telephone systems that your business could use:

Each one of these options has its pros and cons. In order to work out the right telephone system for YOUR business, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your current call volume and is this likely to change in the near future?
  • Do you have a fast and reliable broadband connection to allow VOIP systems to operate efficiently?
  • What current features are you missing from your existing system?
  • Does your business have multiple sites which you would like to link together?
  • Do you spend some of your time on the go, working remotely?
  • Does your business already have an installed PBX system?

Landlines (Analogue, Digital ISDN) do offer high reliability and call quality, but they lack the flexibility that modern businesses demand.

Switching to IP telephony which uses a broadband connection instead of a landline to send and receive calls can be a more flexible option. At Midshire we have a wide range of Samsung VoIP handsets which can keep your business connected from any location. With plug and go technology, you can plug your phone in anywhere and present your businesses main telephone number.

One other option to consider could be a hybrid system for your business. Often, a business will opt to build a hybrid system that uses their existing landline that connects to the business’ telephone system as well as VOIP technology for business continuity. This can be a popular option for businesses which are expecting rapid growth.

Overall, there are many considerations when upgrading or installing a new telephone system for your business.

Here at Midshire, we have a team of highly skilled Samsung accredited Telephone System Support Staff who will be happy to answer your queries.

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