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Temperature Checking Cameras: Instilling confidence across UK businesses

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As the government eases the lock down, many businesses across the UK are opening again. With this comes many challenges as the way that businesses operate has had to change. One main challenge is customer confidence when visiting your premises. Recently, it was reported that 70% of adults will only go shopping or visit the supermarket when absolutely necessary.

This means that businesses across the UK need to help instil confidence and ensure that visitors and employees are safe. One way to do this is with temperature checking.

Improving Consumer Confidence & Workplace Safety

Instilling confidence in the consumer is key to bringing more people back to businesses. One answer lies in the use of the latest thermal imaging cameras. They are, by no means, a silver bullet when detecting COVID-19, however they can go a long way towards helping identify its main symptom – fever and a high temperature. In turn, this can help protect your employees and your customers.

Working towards normality after coronavirus is important to us all and we know that it isn’t always feasible for a business to use manual temperature checking on every employee and visitor and this uses valuable time and human resource.

Thermal imaging cameras are designed to detect and measure the thermal temperature emanating from a person, frequently referred to as a ‘heat signature’. The thermal cameras we recommend can measure body temperature as standard to within +/- 0.5 degrees. The cameras can also identify whether a person is wearing a mask or not and prompt the consumer to “Wear a face mask” if this is company policy.

A thermal camera is fitted with a specialist lens that enables infrared frequencies to pass through an object and can be viewed as multi coloured images dependent on the heat emitted. Within one second, they will rapidly identify anyone carrying a raised body temperature, prompting staff to implement wider safety protocols. Anyone with an unexplained raised body temperature can be politely denied entry to the premises and advised to seek further medical advice.

The Cost of Workplace Safety

As we are in the midst of the biggest global crisis in our lifetimes, finance and accounts departments worldwide are sharpening their pencils when managing budgets to steer the ship through the crisis.

Our range of thermal imaging cameras can be leased for as little as £80 a month, negating the need for a large capital outlay, putting less strain on the balance sheet.

Find out more about our cost-effective thermal imaging solutions by getting in contact today.