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What is a SIP Trunk?

Over the last couple of decades, telecommunications technology has dramatically changed. As a result businesses have been scrapping there existing traditional telephony and moving to an IP solution. So what is a SIP Trunk, and why are businesses jumping ship?

A SIP Trunk is becoming increasingly common within the telecoms industry as they rapidly replace traditional telephone lines. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. In short, SIP lines are an IP telephony service, where calls can be made and received over the internet.

Making the move over to SIP couldn’t be any easier. With Midshire Telecom SIP channels, businesses can convert their existing office telephone system into a complete IP solution using a SIP gateway. Not only can your business benefit from the massive cost savings, but it will also have no impact on your existing system, as you can keep your existing telephone number.

If your business currently operates on traditional ISDN or analogue telephone lines, there has never been a better time to make the switch to IP telephony, as you will benefit from a more resilient telephone service as well as reduce your costs in the process.

The Benefits

A SIP telephone system operates over the same connection your business uses for internet access. Voice and data traffic are transferred over the same line. As a result, your existing traditional ISDN and analogue lines are no longer required, hence, no more costly line rental charges. This means all calls made within your premises stay inside your organisations local area network (LAN) avoiding costs by another telecoms provider.

Cost savings are far from the only motivation when adopting SIP Trunks. SIP Lines offer your business increased flexibility when it comes to organisational growth and the ability to work out of the office more efficiently.

Portability is another major factor when making the leap over to IP. A SIP handset can be plugged in, on the move, wherever an internet connection is available. No matter where you are or what country you are in, as long as there is a broadband connection, you can remain connected to your business.

Unlike traditional ISDN and analogue telephone lines, a SIP Trunking can give your business the flexibility to add or remove lines when required.

Overall, Midshire Telecom SIP can aid your organisation in being more efficient in the way that it operates and future proofs your solution for the years ahead.