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SIP Provider

Midshire Telecom are recognised as a leading SIP Provider in the telecoms industry. As a leading SIP provider, Midshire Telecom can offer our customers a more flexible and lower cost alternative to traditional ISDN and Analogue telephone lines.

In comparison to standard ISDN and Analogue telephone lines, Midshire Telecom’s SIP solution is less costly per channel and is a more affordable telecoms solution for both inbound and outbound calls.

Midshire Telecom SIP Trunks use your existing internet connection to replace traditional analogue and ISDN telephone lines.

Over the last 10 years, businesses have begun to adopt SIP over their traditional analogue and ISDN telephone lines. So why the sudden shift over to SIP Trunks?

If your business currently operates on traditional ISDN or analogue telephone lines, maybe now is the time to consider SIP as an alternative, considering the major cost savings available.

Save, Save, Save

With SIP, you have a more reliable than ISDN, Businesses generally can save 50% on line rentals and 25% or more on call costs.

A SIP telephone system operates over your existing internet connection. By merging both voice and data over the same broadband line, your existing traditional telephone lines become obsolete, leading to huge potential savings on line rental charges.

Cost savings are one of the major reasons for moving to SIP, however, the monetary savings are far from the only motivation to migrate.

SIP offers your business the ability to scale up and down, easily, when you want. If you are moving premises, expanding or downsizing operations, you can easily add extra lines or remove them when needed. You are in complete control. One example of when this might benefit, is during busy periods and quieter periods, where you can scale your operations to your needs at any given time.

Business continuity is another key selling point of SIP. Businesses can reroute calls instantaneously to an alternative location in the event of external factors, such as weather, power cuts etc. Ensuring your business is operational at all times.

Overall, Midshire Telecom SIP Trunking can aid your organisation in being more efficient in the way that it operates and future proofs your solution for the years ahead.