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Hosted VoIP for Business

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Hosted VoIP for Business

VoIP is the latest communications technology that is quickly becoming the industry standard. When looking for a new telephone system, most systems now rely on this VoIP technology. But what is hosted VoIP for business and why should you adopt this technology?

Hosted voice is a flexible, cost effective alternative to a traditional telephone system. Simply by using the power of the cloud, hosted VoIP takes existing broadband connection and uses it to make phone calls, without the need for costly on-site hardware.

✔️ Cost Savings – The average business will save on average, 50% on calls and line rental in comparison to their current solution. Whilst the cost savings can vary from business to business, most customers will see a reduction in costs.

✔️ Portability – handsets or headsets can be plugged in on the move, wherever an internet connection is available.

✔️ Scalability – . VOIP is not limited to the number of extensions or lines it may have, meaning your phone system can grow alongside your business. If you employ more staff, additional IP handsets can be plugged into an internet connection, with little to no training.

✔️ Additional Features – Along with the standard telephone system features, VOIP can include a host of useful features for a business without the additional cost. Features such as Caller ID, Phone Directory, Conference Calling, Voice-to-Email and Call Recording.

If you’re looked for a Hosted VoIP telephone system, Midshire Telecom highly recommend the cloud-based telephony platform, HostX. We’re the communications experts and businesses across the UK have trusted us to support them in their telecommunications needs, get in touch to find out more about how we can help your business.