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Best Cloud Phone System

Looking for the best cloud phone system? Many businesses now have access to high-speed internet, and Hosted Cloud phone systems have now evolved to such an extent that it represents a far superior alternative to traditional analogue and ISDN phone services.

HostX is the very latest telecommunications technology available on the market and means your phone system is located ‘in the cloud’ rather than physically located on your premises. A HostX phone system is suitable for a business of any size, so whether you’re a single-site office, a from-home business or a multi-site organisation, you can count on HostX to be the best cloud phone system for your business telephony.

HostX is a complete hosted cloud phone system that provides any business with an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony features via a user-friendly web-portal. This easy to use web-portal takes the burden of telephony management away from your IT team, as employees can easily manage their calls, maximising individual productivity.

The adoption of a hosted telephone system can typically save businesses money on their communication bills. There’s no large capital outlay for a business implementing a cloud phone system as the system runs over a broadband connection rather than traditional lines, thus saving businesses money. Furthermore, as the phone system is hosted in the cloud it gives business employees the opportunity to work from home, a hotel or on their mobile phone. This means that if a business office is in the UK, an employee can work anywhere in the world, making calls and presenting the main UK telephone number. This has major cost savings implications, as international calls can be made at the same price as a local call.

HostX has all the features of a traditional phone system, with great new features and added resilience, flexibility, and reliability. HostX’s range of great features provides businesses with a route towards true unified communications, and as new features are developed and released businesses can benefit from these immediately.

So, if you’re looking for the best cloud phone system, you need not look any further than Midshire’s HostX.

HostX Features Include:

– Hold Call – Call Transfer – Call Parking – Click to call – Call back – Queues – Call history – Enhanced Operator Console – CRM Integration – Voicemail – Alerts – Conferences – Pick up groups – Call Recording – Hunt Groups – Import for Setups – Call Screening – Music on hold – Remote access – User control – DND (Do not disturb) – Call Waiting – Call Diversion – Time & Day Routes – Caller Id Routes – Force hang up – Active call list – Live call pricing – Call announcement