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Cheap VoIP Phones

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Cheap VoIP Phones

VoIP is the method that uses the internet to send a receive voice and data traffic – VoIP is often commonly referred to as IP telephony or internet telephony.

A VoIP telephone system can run over traditional analogue lines, digital lines, SIP Trunks and broadband connections. A VoIP telephony solution works in the same way, and retains the same functionality, as traditional systems run over traditional lines.

Where VoIP is more beneficial to a business is with the whole host of additional features and flexibility that these systems offer. With the emergence of greater internet connectivity, VoIP has become an increasingly more advantageous solution that translates into real cost savings to businesses.

Looking for a VoIP telephony solution for your business?

Often, a key factor in deciding on a telecommunication system for a business is cost. At Midshire Telecom we keep costs down, whilst providing a great product and pairing it with our excellent customer service and support.

Midshire Telecom has a large range of IP telephone handsets available, so if you’re looking for a low-cost IP telephony option, you can rest assured that Midshire has the perfect solution for your business.

We can supply businesses with a broad range of IP telephone handsets including; Samsung, NEC, Polycom, Cisco and Yealink. So, no matter your handset preference, we have a suitable handset in stock and ready for your business.

Our Sales, Engineering and Support teams are all Samsung accredited, so businesses can rest easy knowing that Midshire Telecom, as a Platinum Level Samsung Partner, has expert staff trained to advise businesses with their telephony requirements and to supply some of the most competitively priced options available on the market.

So, if you’re looking for cheap VoIP phones from a reputable provider that doesn’t compromise on quality or customer service, get in contact with Midshire Telecom today.