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The Education Sector

Looking for telecoms for the Education Sector? There are many factors to consider, but Midshire Telecom are the communications experts and have specialists working within the Education Sector. The education sector must consider many factors when introducing a telephony system. Schools look for three things in a phone system – resilience, safety and efficiency. The phone system supports the day-to-day operations of a school so it is crucial it has certain features and functionality.


Having worked with a many schools and academies, we understand WiFi is becoming increasingly important within contemporary classrooms. Our fully-customised School WiFi not only comes with a network coverage guarantee but we also ensure that your students, staff and guests benefit from the highest levels of network capacity.

School Operating LeaseThe Challenge

The Education Environment
Telephone System

Having the ability to prioritise calls is a must. The nature of a school environment means that particular calls will place a greater priority than others, and the system must be able to cope with this demand.

The main challenge for schools is selecting a telephony system that has the high quality features required within a set budget.

WiFi Resilience

One of the biggest problems for school wireless is that the health of the infrastructure can become less resilient over time and the resulting problems can have a negative effect on the productivity and learning experience of students.

The Solution

For the Teachers

– Safety – Page all phones in case of emergencies or other announcements.

– Easily transition from a call with a parent or an administrator on your handset to their mobile device

– Personal mailbox and voicemails can be accessed from any phone, email or mobile application

If the teachers all have laptops, instant messaging is available through the soft client in order to quickly speak to colleagues

– Indoor and Outdoor WiFi Access

– Secure guest WiFi network