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VoIP for Schools

VoIP for Schools

Effective communication is essential for all schools and academies. With Midshire Telecom VoIP for schools we provide a range of telephone systems assisting staff in managing the learning environment, enabling teachers to concentrate on areas where they are most effective, delivering quality education.

Tighter budgets have become an everyday reality for most schools, so its vitally important that allocated funds are not wasted on an inefficient telephone system. With this in mind, we have a range of cost effective VoIP telephone systems and flexible payment options to suit your school.

Traditionally, over the years, schools have adopted the older, analogue telephone line technology for their telecommunications. With the impending switch off of this analogue service by BT Openreach in 2025, there are an increasing number of schools making the switch to VoIP and benefiting from the cost savings which are associated with it. In terms of the school environment, such technology can result in a significant reduction in costs while increasing flexibility, efficiency, safety and security.

For schools, investing in a VoIP telephone system can provide a number of advantages.

VoIP Advantages for Schools

School Safety and Security – VoIP telephone systems allow users access to a panic button on their handset which will call associated phones simultaneously in classrooms throughout the school. In an emergency, this type of service allows teaching staff across a site to remain in a classroom with their students and receive regular updates on a developing situation (e.g. if a lockdown procedure is in operation).

Connect Easily with Staff – One major pain point for Schools is getting a hold of a teacher on site, as they are constantly on the move between classrooms and and lecture theatres. With a VoIP telephone system, mobile DECT handsets can vastly improve teacher communication throughout the day. With up to date presence, you can tell what teachers are currently in class and which others are between seminars. As well as improving communication, VoIP will also bring all classrooms under one roof. You can easily interact with other classrooms on campus using a VoIP phone system.

Anonymous Bullying and Support Helpline – All pupils should be treated with dignity and respect at School. Bullying and harassment of any kind are in no-one’s interest and should not be tolerated on campus, but if you are being bullied or harassed it can be difficult to know what to do about it. With a VoIP Telephone System, Pupils can have 24/7 access to an Anonymous Mail facility where they can leave information in confidence with teachers and Head of Departments.

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