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NEC InHotel

NEC InHotel

NEC InHotel is one of NEC’s InApps which are built-in/on-board additions to your NEC telephone system. Amazingly, these apps work without a server – making them highly cost effective and reliable for businesses.

What is InHotel?

InHotel is a user-friendly and convenient platform that is designed to promote productivity, enhance guest satisfaction and reduce your running costs. Ideal for hotels of up to 120 rooms, InHotel combines a comprehensive Property Management System with your NEC Telephone System.

NEC InHotel combines essential  front office functions with advanced communications. It delivers a service-oriented environment that promotes premises-based efficiencies that streamline administrative and phone-related tasks to improve the hotel experience.

With InHotel, the systems and information essential to running a hotel become simpler to access, understand and act on.

Key Features

  • Real-time color-coded calendar views of room reservations and availability.
  • Quick-find filters for fast retrieval of property and guest information.
  • Centralized invoicing of room and amenity charges.
  • Easy customization of room rates.
  • Browser-based around-the-clock system availability.
  • Chrome and Firefox compatibility for convenient accessibility.
  • Simultaneous use by staff and premises facilities.

Key Benefits

  • Increase your productivity levels: time-saving features
    for all your staff
  • Enhance customer service levels: Faster check-ins, check
    outs; sharper response times
  • On-board application: no extra PC server hardware or
  • Always on 24/7: Browser-based; remote access
  • Complete hotel room management: real-time status