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NEC InApps

NEC InApps

NEC has a fantastic range of InApps, providing compelling business benefits. NEC InApps are built-in/on-board additions to your NEC telephone system. Amazingly, these apps work without a server – making them highly cost effective and reliable for businesses.

These InApps easily provide businesses with unified communications features such as audio and video conferencing, collaboration, document sharing and more.

Explore the tabs to find out more about each of the NEC InApps.


Toll fraud, also known as phreaking or dial through fraud, is an increasingly common problem faced by UK businesses. It is the term used to refer to a hacker gaining access to a telephone system and running up costly bills by dialling international and premium-rate numbers.  With cyber-crime on the rise, businesses need to defend against this type of attack that can cost thousands and even result in bankruptcy. NEC’s InGuard is designed to help businesses defend against this type of cyber-crime.

With InGuard, your business’ call activity is monitored all day, every day. If there is any suspicious activity detected then one of two alerts is activated; an ‘alert only’ email is sent to designated recipients, or in more severe cases, an ‘alert and block’ so that any further call activity is prevented instantly.

– Peace of mind with an effective toll fraud defence

– Can be tailored specifically to the needs of your business and call patterns


Ideal for hotels of up to 120 rooms, InHotel combines a comprehensive Property Management System with your NEC Telephone System.

InHotel is a user-friendly and convenient platform that is designed to promote productivity, enhance guest satisfaction and reduce your running costs.

Increase Productivity

InHotel offers a range of productivity promoting and time-saving features such as automatically transferring a guest name to the room telephone when they have checked in and centralised

Enhance Customer Service Levels

– Easily see which guests are allocated to which rooms with a colour coded calendar view

– Easy Room Management with colour coded status of all rooms (clean/dirty/out of order)

– Invoice generation so you can quickly and easily generate complete invoices for room nights, services and telephone calls


In Reports

Always-On Call Analysis

InReports is the fantastic application that monitors your NEC telephone system and provides a range of real-time statistics that give your greater insight into your business telephony.

With access to call lists, reports, wallboards and graphical data that can all be viewed through a web-browser, your business telephony has never been so transparent.

These key statistics promote productivity, lower costs and enhanced customer service. With InReports, you can store up to 90,000 call records per year without needing additional hardware. Furthermore, you have the ability to view these statistics as predefined options or can be customised and analysed according to user, department or call type.



A Cost-Effective Unified Communications Application

As the technological world advances, businesses are becoming more and more dependent on their telephony functionality and flexibility, all whilst keeping to more restrictive budgets. With InUC, your business can benefit from the features of a fully Unified Communications Application without needing a costly investment.

InUC is a Unified Communications Application that provides features such as Video-conferencing, collaboration, document sharing, presence and instant messaging for businesses of up to 32 users.

Users are able to easily set up both audio and video connections, between two or more computers or devices, from anywhere with an Internet and VPN or LAN connection.