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Mobiles for the Care Industry

Mobiles for the Care Industry

As mobile technology has advanced rapidly over a short period of time, the use of mobiles for the care industry has become an essential. However, as with the introduction of any technology within the workplace, new practice issues have been raised by the use of mobiles within health and social care.

Midshire Telecom can address these issues and provide an ideal solution for any organisation in the care sector.

Why should you use business mobiles instead of letting staff use their personal mobiles?

There are a number of issues to be taken into account with mobiles for the care industry. The Royal College of Nursing recommends that organisations should offer company mobiles to staff that have use of them, rather than relying on staff using their personal mobile devices.

Security and confidentiality of patient information

Information that is identifiable to a patient must be protected. When using a personal mobile, not all users are likely to have adequate protection and patient information could be vulnerable to unauthorised viewing if the device is lost, stolen or lent to someone else. Even if the phone is sold on, the information could be available to the new owner.

With Mobiles from Midshire Telecom, your organisation can have control over your mobile fleet through Manage My Mobile; an easy-to-use online portal that enables you to manage data usage, call usage, bar a handset and many more features that typically would have to be dealt with at network level.

Staff Safety

When using a mobile, the sender’s number is available to the recipient. Nursing staff using their own mobile phones for this purpose could be putting themselves at risk of receiving unsolicited communications. Patients could also attempt to call the nursing staff for help on their personal mobiles, which could lead to urgent calls being missed.

With Midshire Telecom Mobile as an extension of HostX, your fleet of mobiles can all present the office telephone number when making outbound calls, protecting both staff and patients.

Cost and Network Availability

The cost of personal mobile phone contracts can vary enormously and nursing staff that are using their own devices may incur additional charges and be paying more than they would normally because of work-related activity.

Midshire Telecom Mobile can offer connections with all of the major UK network providers, and if one provider doesn’t give your staff the coverage they need we can switch them to an alternate network at no extra cost.

If you’re looking at mobiles for the care industry, get in contact and speak to one of our industry specialists who can offer the best solution for your business.