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Leased Line Providers

Leased Line Providers

For a lot of business owners, the broadband connection speed is the most important factor when choosing a new provider and product. However, just because your provider says you can get a certain speed doesn’t mean that’s the speed you’ll get. As is often the case, when you run a speed test, you notice you aren’t getting the speeds you pay for. This all changes with Midshire Telecom’s Leased lines.

With Midshire Telecom Dedicated Leased Lines you don’t share the bandwidth with your street or industrial estate, meaning that you essentially have your own private connection to the internet. This means that you are able to have complete control over the speeds you receive, only paying for what you need, up to 1Gb/s. In addition to having control of your broadband, a leased line guarantees the same download and upload speeds. This symmetry from download and upload speeds is essential when using wireless devices, uploading large amounts of data, streaming content, data sharing and using VoIP.

There are a plethora of leased line providers claiming to offer the best deals on leased lines, so how do you choose the right provider for your business? A key factor of this choice comes down to customer service, and this is where we really stand out from the crowd. Midshire Telecom’s team of experts are on hand to support your business throughout the whole process of your communications solution. Midshire creates bespoke communications solutions, specifically for your business requirements, at an affordable price, without compromising on customer service and support.

So if you’re looking for a great leased line provider, you need not look any further than Midshire Telecom.

Great Features of Midshire Telecom’s Leased Lines

– No slow down at peak times
– Super fast upload speeds
– Business class levels of care and support
– Reliability
– Protected by SLA (6-8hr Fix time)
– Managed Router