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Fibre Leased Line

Fibre Leased Line

Improving business performance and efficiency, doesn’t have to come at an expensive cost. With a Midshire Telecom’s Fibre Leased Line, your business can benefit from its very own broadband connection, with guaranteed upload and download speeds.

These days, a fast broadband connection is vital when choosing new providers. Businesses increasingly require faster speeds to deal with the daily demands of their operation. However, just because a provider says you can get a superfast connection, more often than not, when you run a speed test, you notice you aren’t actually getting what you pay for. With a Midshire Telecom’s Fibre Leased Line you get what you pay for.

As you don’t share the broadband connection with your street or industrial estate, you have complete control over your internet speeds. With a fibre leased line you are guaranteed symmetric download / upload speeds.

With a Fibre Leased line, the solution is increasingly flexible, giving you the ability to change your bandwidth when needed. This is a great benefit at busier times of the year, when your business needs that extra resource. Your business will no longer be held back by slower speeds at certain times of the day.

If you want to converge your voice traffic and broadband connection, fibre leased lines are the ideal solution for your business. A fibre leased line is most suitable for a large premises or multi-site organisation where there is substantial data usage. A leased line will give your business the capability to experience high-quality voice services with VoIP, without causing any issues to the effectiveness of connection or the quality of your service.

As well as offering your business a fibre leased line, Midshire Telecom broadband services are protected by an industry standard Service Level Agreement (SLA). We understand in this day and age the internet is probably the most critical service to your business, so we will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your connection is constant. With the security of a service level agreement, if in the improbability you have a total loss of service, there is a 6-8 hour fix time.

All of our leased lines come with the option of a fully managed Cisco or Draytek router, including engineer installation. We do however understand for larger businesses, you may have your own dedicated IT team, so we can also provide a wires-only connection, so your IT team can manage the connection in-house.