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Conference Solutions

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Conference Solutions

Midshire Telecom can offer a wide range of business conference solutions for your organisation. With a range of video, audio and web conferencing products, you can be assured that we can provide the best solution that will empower your business to collaborate more effectively, improving productivity and efficiency.

Midshire Telecom conferencing solutions are highly intuitive and easy to use but can also be personalised to your exact requirements. Whatever option you choose, you will always be backed up by our Samsung accredited team of specialists.

Finding the most efficient conferencing solution for your business can be difficult at the best of times, but with our Samsung accredited sales and support teams as well as engineers, you will no longer need to worry.

Audio, web and video conferencing is becoming a common and practical method for businesses of all sizes, offering workforce collaboration without the need to travel long distances. If you have a number of staff working on a project, or important meetings with partners in different locations, you no longer need to be in the same room to share ideas. You can dial into a conference call and no time or money is wasted on travelling.

With Midshire Telecom conferencing software, you can collaborate with a number of staff and international shareholders at the same time, discuss the agenda with business partners and hold your own webinars, instantly, with no need in purchasing additional equipment.

Call conferencing can be started by the conference host calling the other participants and adding them to the conference call so they can all collaborate at the same time. More recently, Midshire Telecom can allocate a unique conference number which the participant can call to enter the meeting. The host will usually allocate these conference numbers prior to the meeting, with a date and time when the conference call will take place.

With Midshire Telecom conference solutions you can enable staff and customers alike to be more productive by collaborating at any time from any location. Easily instigate and manage your calls with high definition voice conferencing.

Types of Conferencing:

Audio Conferencing

Midshire audio conferencing is a very simple and effective solution allowing a number of people to meet from different geographic locations quickly and easily. This is ideal for calls among your staff and customers.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing solutions enable your business to share real time PC screenshots, software applications and web based content among two or more computers. With remote keyboard and mouse control the host can collaborate with participants of the conference. Web conferencing can also be used alongside audio conferencing, enabling the host to discuss certain subjects whilst the participants can watch on a computer screen or mobile device.

Video Conferencing

Midshire video conferencing is a completely live, visual conference linking two or more people at the same time. This service offers a more personal approach with high definition video quality and voice audio.

At Midshire we understand that many businesses are continually striving to drive behavioural change to improve collaboration in the workplace. Midshire are addressing this business issue by providing conferencing solutions that will not only improve the productivity of the workforce, but will also positively impact the service the customer receives.