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WiFi Marketing

WiFi Marketing

With Midshire Telecom WiFi marketing software, your business can learn more about customer insights and communicate with them in real-time, whilst collecting valuable data and information on customer buying behaviours and trends.

In an age of being constantly connected, customers expect a personalised experience when visiting your business. Use the data captured within our WiFi marketing software to tailor your customer engagement based on detailed customer demographics and behaviour; proven to increase conversion rates and drive customer spend.

What is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi marketing is when businesses provide WiFi internet access to customers and then use that as a channel to communicate messages and promotions. It’s just one of the many ways that businesses can enhance their marketing strategies and improve the customer experience.

Some businesses provide full Internet access. In other words, customers can use their devices to surf the internet as they normally would. Others grant access only to certain websites, usually their own, to control the environment and drive them to the business’ promotions or marketing.

What Does it Look Like?

Most of us would have come into contact with WiFi software when visiting a coffee shop or hotel. It’s usually in the guise of asking you to enter your email address to gain access to the internet. You walk into a shop, store or hotel and join the WiFi network. Upon joining, your device will redirect to a landing page, where you’ll likely see a message from the business and more information about the WiFi network and its terms of use. You’ll agree to those terms and possibly provide something like an email address or access to your Facebook or email profile to gain access to the network.

The Benefits

With WiFi marketing, there are benefits for both the consumers’ and businesses’ point-of-view.

For the Customer:

– Improved Customer Experience: The customer can have access to faster internet browsing rather than using a slower mobile phone network and using their own data.

– Customers spend more time on your premises: Studies have concluded that businesses who provide free WiFi access,  their customers usually stay longer. This would indicate an improved customer experience and therefore they are willing to spend more time with your brand.

For the Business:

– Increased sales: businesses can drive more sales when they engage in WiFi marketing.

– Improved Customer Insights: WiFi marketing can give businesses a greater understanding of their customer’s buying behaviours. These customer insights can aid your business when developing marketing strategies and tailoring the customer experience.

– Build an audience: Whether your business is collecting email addresses or social profiles, these customers are becoming a list of interested individuals to whom you can target your business’ marketing in the future. At the point of data entry, all data requested is in compliance with GDPR.