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WiFi for Holiday Parks

WiFi for Holiday Parks

Technology is a huge part of our everyday lives and when people go on holiday they no longer want to just “get away from it all”. That’s why WiFi for Holiday Parks is more essential now than ever. Even when away from home, people want to stay connected. Whether they’re using social media to post pictures of their holiday, using instant messaging, watching Netflix or video calling their friends and family, having a fast, reliable and stable connection whilst at a holiday park is a key part of any holiday.

Having great WiFi coverage in your holiday park has never been more important, with many travellers rating internet access to be one of the most important factors they take into account when determining where to stay.

Good WiFi increases customer satisfaction and offering great WiFi coverage, with great speeds, is just another reason for guests to visit your holiday park. Bad WiFi, on the other hand, is sure to deter guests from returning in the future and is one of the most popular complaints in TrustPilot reviews for Holiday Parks.

From Static Caravan Parks to Touring Parks and Campervan sites or even just Campsites, we can provide your Holiday Park with WiFi networking equipment that will keep your guests connected across your entire site.

Benefits of Holiday Park WiFi with Midshire Telecom

Midshire Telecom are WiFi Holiday Park Providers that have designed solutions for sites located all over the UK. Whatever the size of your caravan site or holiday park, Midshire Telecom are experienced Broadband and WiFi Solution Providers that can design, install and maintain a WiFi network to ensure you and your guests have a robust and fast internet connection.

✔️ Built To Last – Our WiFi solutions are designed to last with durable, weatherproof cases that can withstand outdoor conditions including wind, rain and snow. Perfect for your Holiday Park.

✔️ Increase your exposure – Your customers help you to increase your online presence and improve your businesses exposure. Having great WiFi is just another reason guests will love their stay.

✔️ Brand Awareness – Your brand style will be integrated in the customer interface, landing page for a reliable and professional effect.

✔️ Superfast Speeds – Your guests can have access to the best speeds, letting them stay connected while away.

✔️ GDPR Compliance – Our WiFi systems can log all usage required and will be fully customised for your site. You can also benefit from secure admin networks for the venue’s own use – keeping your business traffic separate to your guest WiFi.

Internet Backhaul for your ‘High Performance WiFi Network’

Even with the best WiFi solution in the world without a fast and reliable internet backhaul your guests will always have a degraded experience. This is because there simply is not enough shared bandwidth to support ever increasing bandwidth demands for lots of guests. The amount of bandwidth your guests will use is significantly on the rise with increased demand for streaming music, watching movies, using social media, web-browsing, video streaming, gaming and more.

Fortunately Midshire Telecom are partnered with all the major internet service providers (and some more niche) and therefore provide you the customer with unrivalled access for the very best connection speeds and SLAs on the market.

All of our wireless solutions are designed with robust connectivity, offering a comprehensive solution that will offer your staff and guests the best experience.

✔️Diverse High Performance Technologies from a wide selection of ISPs.

✔️ Cost Effective Public Access: Load-balanced network diverse 1Gbps ‘Full Fibre’ to the Premise.

✔️ High Performance Guaranteed Ethernet Connectivity with up to 10Gbps speeds per connection and market leading 4Hr SLA.

✔️Backup services; Ethernet, FTTP, FTTC, ADSL, G. Fast & 4G

Indoor WiFi Coverage

Having worked with many holiday parks all across the UK, Midshire Telecom have identified that the majority of holiday parks face very similar issues when it comes to WiFi connectivity. There are a number of problems you may be experiencing which cannot be solved by the standard external WiFi solutions – but Midshire Telecom are here to help.

If your park is experiencing poor indoor WiFi its likely cause is due to the fabric of your caravans stopping the penetration of the signal; particularly if the lodge is on the fringe of a network. Unfortunately this results in slow internet speeds and an unreliable connection for those trying to connect to the internet inside.

To address this issue Midshire have designed a point-to-multi-point (PtMP) wireless system that delivers fast, secure and reliable guest access inside lodges.

This creates a wireless mesh that directly connects to WiFi subscribers we install inside the lodges or caravans. These receivers then connect through to internal access points or routers that we install inside your caravans, removing the possibility of any “WiFi dead zones” and allowing guests undisrupted fast WiFi coverage.

✔️Full Wireless Survey, Design, Build, Install and Optimisation.
✔️Fully Managed Installation and Pro-Active Support.
✔️Fast, Reliable & Secure Internal Wi-Fi Holiday Park Access
✔️Customised and branded splash pages, with options for tiered and paid bandwidth, email capture and social logins.

Outdoor WiFi Coverage for Holiday Parks

Have outdoor space that needs coverage too? Our WiFi experts can design, install and maintain an outdoor WiFi Network that will ensure your guests and staff have coverage across the whole of your site.

✔️ Built To Last – Our WiFi solutions are designed to last with durable, weatherproof cases that can withstand outdoor conditions including wind, rain, and snow.

✔️ Outstanding Range – Ensure connectivity across the whole of your site with our large-range wireless solutions.

✔️ Sleek Design – We offer a range of suitable solutions that are modern and sleek, meaning there’s no unsightly technology across your site.