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WiFi Business 

WiFi Business

Whether you’re a small business, or a larger business with hundreds of employees, a fast WiFi connection has become a business critical resource. As technology has developed, more advanced broadband services have become widely available and cloud technologies such as hosted phone systems are becoming more common. Being able to keep staff connected to each other and to customers has never been more essential. Furthermore, when visitors come to your offices, they’ll need to be able to use a guest network. Take your business connectivity to the next level with Midshire Telecom’s WiFi for business.

Fast and reliable WiFi is the key to keeping up with customer demands and making your business run smoothly – and that is why Midshire Telecom offer fantastic WiFi packages and bespoke solutions.

Our team of experts know connectivity inside-out and will consider everything when creating a WiFi solution, including the size of your location, the layout, as well as the type of devices connecting to the network. Our business-level solution offers great performance, ease of installation and managed network. Designed specifically for the working environment, our solutions reach beyond the limits of existing wireless networks- they incorporate the latest technologies to address the specific needs of voice and video without reducing speed.

Are you a business looking to offer free WiFi to your customers? It’s a common experience in  coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. Have you considered using it in your business to attract and market to customers? Check out SoConnect and WiFi Marketing with Midshire Telecom.