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Secure and Compliant Guest WiFi

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Secure and Compliant Guest WiFi is a must for businesses when offering wifi access to your customers. There are many benefits to be gained by offering Free Guest WiFi to your customers, such as the collection of insightful customer data, added marketing opportunities and the ability to enhance your brand image. However, it is equally as important to ensure the Guest WiFi you offer is secure and compliant. This is often an afterthought for businesses, and could actually drop them in hot water with regards to the law.

So why does your Guest WiFi need to be secure and compliant?

Discourage Illegal Downloading

The Digital Economy Act 2010 is designed to reduce illegal downloading and illegal file sharing. Failing to comply with the regulation could land your business with a hefty fine. Unless certain safeguards are in place regarding sites customers can and cannot visit, your business could be liable if one of your customers does something illegal whilst using your wifi network.

Furthermore, you can also be held responsible for problems caused by malware attacks and hacking on your customers’ devices through your wifi network.

Criminal Activity

Under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, you need to be able to identify who is using your WiFi network at all times. Hackers prey on unsecured wifi networks and you could be allowing them access to your customers data, including your own. Most businesses don’t want the hassle of giving out passwords every time a customer logs on. With our Guest WiFi solution, Springo, each customer is greeted with your own, branded, guest wifi landing page, which means that customers can simply enter their details and connect as a secure user. This way you have piece of mind that they don’t have access to anything they shouldn’t, such as another customers data or your own business data.

GDPR Compliance

If you’re currently providing Guest WiFi to your customers, the terms and conditions of your WiFi service need to be very clear and most importantly GDPR compliant. What data are you are collecting? Why are you collecting the data? What is your intended usage of the data? In addition, your customers will have to opt-in to any marketing material.

As well as stating your intention for data capture, you must also have the correct protocols in place should your customer want their data to be erased. Furthermore, in the unfortunate circumstance you do have a data breach, you need to notify your customers immediately and inform the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) of the breach and its risk.

Why choose us for your Guest Wifi solution?

Midshire Guest Wifi solution, Springo can offer your business the complete Guest WiFi security service that gives you the piece of mind that your business is taking the necessary precautions with regards to protection, threat prevention and compliance.

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