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Hotel WiFi Solutions

Hotel WiFi Solutions

People are more likely to visit with free WiFi and it is a common offering in hotels across the UK. Have you considered using it in your business to attract and market to customers? Check out Midshire Telecom’s Hotel WiFi Solutions are perfect for businesses looking to get online without all the fuss – we do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Gain greater insights into your customer buying behaviors and easily attract new customers by offering free WiFi with SoConnect. Your visitors can use your WiFi by ‘liking or sharing’ your social media page, thereby increasing your exposure. If they don’t use social media, they can provide their email address instead. You can reach all of them for an upcoming event or special offer. In just one click. Midshire Telecom offer WiFi solutions for even the largest locations, outdoor user and complex spaces.

Key Benefits

Increase your exposure – Your customers help you to increase your online presence and improve your businesses exposure. Watch your customer database grow every day, while you concentrate on your business.

Targeted Marketing – Target your marketing campaigns with direct communication with all your actual customers.

Greater Customer Insights – Develop a greater understanding of your customers and their buying behaviours, giving your business the ability to provide your customers what they want and how they want it.

Brand Awareness – Your brand style will be integrated in the customer interface, landing page for a reliable and professional effect.

Customer Reporting – The SoConnect portal includes in-depth insights about your customers, GDPR complaint collected email addresses and gives you control over your WiFi network.