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There are two main reasons for offering guest WiFi; to offer a better customer experience and for separating business traffic from guest traffic for security purposes. WiFi is an essential in the modern day world – everyone needs to access things on the move such as accessing work emails, social media, accessing banking details and more.

The concept of free WiFi has spread rapidly, especially in the hospitality sector. Many visitors and customers expect free WiFi as a standard. It is also a common offering in many other small and medium-sized businesses too.

Midshire Guest Wifi solution, Springo can help businesses like yours to offer a secure guest network.

Benefits of Guest WiFi

There are many benefits for business guest WiFi networks. From marketing to security, ensuring you have the best guest network for your business is easy with Midshire Telecom.

✔️ Increase Visitors – people are more likely to visit with free WiFi and it is a common offering in hospitality venues across the UK.

✔️ Better Customer Experience – Poor connectivity is one of the top complaints a customer leaves in online reviews so providing great WiFi for your customers can only lead to a better customer experience and more great reviews.

✔️ Brand Awareness – Guest WiFi can be branded too – with Midshire Telecom its easy to create a guest wifi landing page that captures your brand identity for a consistent and professional experience.

✔️ GDPR Compliance – Our wireless solutions can log all usage required and will be fully customised for your site.

✔️ Secure admin networks – keeping your business traffic separate to your guest traffic.

Free Guest WiFi or Paid Guest WiFi?

When offering a guest WiFi network you first have to choose whether you are looking to offer a free or paid WiFi connection. Your business can choose to offer free access, paid or both.

Free WiFi can encourage people to stay longer at your business, or even return back and become a regular customer.

You can require guests to provide their email to access the network, and with a GDPR consent box, this information can be stored and used for future marketing campaigns with special promotions to encourage your guests to make return visits. Social media check-in is another option for your network. By offering access via a social login, your customers can promote the business for you by posting pictures, videos, or status updates.

It is also possible to monetise your WiFi offering to your guests. Midshire Telecom can create a bespoke network for your business model. You can offer your guests a lower bandwidth option for free and then charge for WiFi tokens that offer access to a faster network, with access time limits.

Get Your Network Started with Midshire Telecom

If you’d like to know more about setting up guest WiFi for your business, Midshire Telecom are here to help. Our team of WiFi experts can design, install and maintain the perfect network solution for your business.

Midshire Telecom work with some of the best wireless technology providers, ensuring that your connectivity is secure, reliable and looks good too. Midshire Telecom are also partnered with all the major internet service providers, and some more niche ones too, so that we can provide the best solution for your business. From the connectivity backbone all the way to the customer landing page.

Get in touch to find out more about wireless networks for your guests and how Midshire Telecom can help.