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Business Wifi Solutions

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Business WiFi Solutions

Midshire Telecom Wifi for business offers both top of the range hardware as well as a bespoke solution plan that will cater to any business’s needs, small or large.

There are several factors that need to be accounted for when building a business Wifi solutions.

– How fast an internet connection do I need for my business? How much bandwidth do I need?

– These are typical questions asked by business owners when considering a WiFi solution.

– Everyone seeks the fastest internet and WiFi connection available, however are you missing a trick?

The Connection Bottleneck

So you have the fastest internet connection available, but are you using it to its fullest capability? In an age where we are always connected, have you thought about how your current router handles this intense amount of data traffic?

In simple terms, it can’t!

This is otherwise known as the Connectivity Bottleneck. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices in an organisation, such as smartphones and tablets, demands on your business WiFi infrastructure are becoming more complex. With this in mind, a WiFi solution capable of providing your business is more important than ever. When choosing a WiFi solution for your business, you should first consider the size of your coverage area and the number of clients, as well as the types of devices that will connect to your WiFi.

Business WiFi from Midshire Telecom

With Midshire Telecom, we have a broad range of business WiFi solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Our enterprise grade solution offers the best-in-class performance, ease of installation and managed network.

Designed for the working environment, our wireless solutions reach beyond the limits of existing wireless networks. They incorporate the latest technologies to address the specific needs of voice and video without reducing speed.

With more coverage and less interference, our technology applies the handover methodology used within mobile communications to deliver seamless roaming.