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Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email

How many voicemail messages do you receive during the day? When leaving an important meeting we have all been in a position of being inundated with a number of voicemails to catch up on. It takes a long time to listen to all of those messages. And in some cases, these message could be business critical and failure to provide a quick response to a message can impact your customers.

With Midshire Telecom, there is a better way to access your messages with our voicemail to email service. You can get voicemail messages as an email on any device, whether smartphone, PC or tablet. With voicemail to email you can use your email inbox as an archive for important voicemail messages, and you can effortlessly forward your voicemail to people in the same way as you would send an email.

How it works

Voicemail to email captures your voicemails and then sends you an email whenever you get a voicemail or a missed call. The email contains a WAV or MP3 voicemail attachment which you can play on your device.

With voicemail to email there are a host of advanced features like automatic email forwarding that lets you provide a list of email addresses, each of which gets a copy of every voicemail. This can enable a team or your personal assistant to get copies of your voicemail messages to handle them if you’re too busy or away on holiday.

A solution suitable for you

Depending on your preference, there are a number of different ways Midshire Telecom can make this work:

  • Receive email with recording attached: A notification email with the new voicemail message attached as a .wav or .mp3 file is sent to your inbox.
  • Receive email with recording attached, no saved recording in voicemail folder: A notification email with the new voicemail message attached is sent to your inbox. After the email is sent, the voicemail message file is automatically deleted from your voicemail box.
  • Receive email only (no attachment): A notification email is sent to your inbox indicating that a new message is waiting in your voicemail box.