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PBX Telephone Systems

PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is the technical name for a telephone system (Sometimes, it can also be referred to as a pabx telephone system). PBX telephone systems are connected to traditional PSTN lines or SIP Trunks so that users can make and receive calls. Midshire Telecom can supply a PBX telephone system that are suited to a business of any size. All of Midshire Telecom’s phone systems are feature packed and we design bespoke telecommunication solutions for every customer, ensuring that businesses really are getting the best solution for their telephony requirements.

On Premise PBX

An on-premise PBX is most commonly powered with a broadband connection, but it is also possible for this type of PBX to run over more traditional analogue lines. As the name suggests, an on-premise PBX is physically located on a business’ property.

Midshire Telecom primarily offer the NEC SL2100 for smaller businesses and the NEC SV9100 for larger companies.

Hosted PBX

A hosted PBX phone system uses the ‘cloud’ rather than a physical on-site PBX. The definition of what the cloud is and how this relates to phone systems can be somewhat complicated and confusing, so we’ve broken down what the cloud is and how having your phone system hosted there can benefit your business telephony.

The cloud refers to a solution that is delivered over the internet. With HostX the telephone system is hosted in the cloud rather than on-site. With HostX, the only equipment that is required in the office are the individual IP desk phones and a stable broadband connection. This translates as real cost saving for businesses, as the use of a hosted system reduces the capital outlay.