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Internal Telephone System

What is an internal telephone system and how does it work?

An internal phone system refers to a telephone line that communicates directly with a PBX. PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is the technical name for a telephone system that can be either be on-premise or hosted in the cloud.

An internal phone system works by incorporating a number of internal lines into the phone system. This means that businesses can communicate internally on a private network. Users are able to directly dial their colleagues by using that individual’s extension number.

How can an internal phone system benefit a business?

This type of phone system translates to direct cost savings for businesses as employees can call each other via their extension without cost. Furthermore, using an internal telephone system can boost productivity within a business as a simple phone call eliminates the need for employees to move away from their desks to contact another employee.

An internal phone system is suitable for a business of any size but is a popular choice for medium to large businesses. This type of phone system is beneficial because it can connect multiple employees, even across multiple sites, easily and with minimal cost.

Why Midshire Telecom?

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So, if you’re looking for a great internal phone system, you need not look any further than Midshire Telecom. Midshire Telecom can supply a whole range of telephone systems that are suited to internal communications as well as external. Get in contact with one of our experts today to get started with a no-hassle and no-obligation consultation.