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Analogue Phone System

Analogue Phone System

Analogue, also known as standard PSTN, business telephone lines are the most common type of line for small businesses. But what exactly is an analogue phone system and what features can they offer a business?

Analogue lines are made from copper and are the standard type of line to all business and residential properties in the UK. An analogue line is the most basic type of line and as such is suited to a business seeking minimal features from their telecommunications.

In most cases, an analogue phone system would be suited to a small business with no complex telephone system and less than 5 employees. Analogue lines are typically used for alarms, PDQ machines and Fax machines.


As a business grows, the number of telephone lines needed typically increases. A single analogue line means that a business can take one call at a time on one number. Standard analogue lines can be converted to a multi-line solution that means a business can take 2-3 calls at one time, for the same number, and as such customers won’t receive an engaged tone. Rather, an incoming call will be passed directly to the next available line should it reach a line that is already in use.

So, if you’re looking for an analogue system, Midshire Telecom’s can provide users with an easy-to-use telecommunication solution that is perfect for a small business.

Need more from your telecoms?

If you’re looking for a little bit more from your business telephony and need more than analogue lines, or want to upgrade; Midshire Telecom has a whole host of telephony solutions available.

Midshire Telecom can design and supply a telecommunications system for a business of any size and as well as traditional analogue lines, can offer digital lines, VoIP telephone systems and Hosted telephone systems. All of Midshire Telecom’s telephony solutions are designed with your business in mind; a bespoke solution for your businesses requirements at a competitive price. Get in contact with one of our experts to get started on the perfect telephony solution for your business.