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Phone System CRM Integration

Phone System CRM Integration

With Phone System CRM Integration your business can improve the quality of customer interactions by automatically delivering pertinent information along with each call. Integrating both the phone system and in house CRM software into business processes can help speed decision-making and provide an edge over your competition.

By integrating your CRM into your phone system you can launch calls with a single click with click to dial. Inbound calls are automatically linked to the customer record which pops-up on the screen and all calls are logged in the CRM package.

The Benefits of CRM Integration

Click to Dial – If your current phone system does not have click to dial functionality, your employees can spend too much time finding and entering phone numbers into your CRM database. With phone system CRM integration, this will give your employees the ability to dial from any website or email by simply clicking on the number.

Automatic Data Entry – Some of the most important information is the easiest to forget to record. Knowledge is power and is the key to gaining a competitive advantage. With CRM Integration information such as date of call, time of call, and who made the call can all be entered automatically.

Customer Details Pop Up – Rather than requiring employees to open your CRM system and customer record every time a phone call comes in, an integrated system will pop up the customer details automatically. This will automatically record the time and duration of the call.

Time is Money – The time it takes to build rapport and discover customer’s requirements can be costly. With CRM Integration, your CRM notes and previous customer interactions are all pulled up automatically, without having to search and identify a record.