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Phone Systems for Estate Agents

Phone Systems for Estate Agents

When looking for phone systems for estate agents, finding the right one can be difficult – estate agents have complex requirements and not every phone system is up to the task. At Midshire Telecom, we’re the communications experts – we can help your business thrive and grow by providing the phone system that is best suited to your business.

Midshire Telecom supply a comprehensive range of solutions, both on-site and hosted. Our team of experts can determine your telephony needs and address these with the right telephone system for your business, at the right price.

Better Mobility

Estate Agents are likely to have employees that are always on the move, whether they’re in the office, working from home or with clients, they’ll need access to the office phone system. With Midshire Telecom, your phone system can be integrated onto your employees smart phones using apps, or onto their computers via a soft-client. We’ve got plenty of flexible solutions so that your telephone system suits the way you work.

Better Customer Service

A missed call can mean missed business, with Midshire Telecom’s live call reporting features you’ll know if you’ve missed a call. Furthermore, the call experience that your customers have can impact the likelihood of them doing business. Busy? Music on Hold is far more likely to keep your customers on the line rather than hanging up and calling your competition.

Multi-Branch Connectivity

Have multiple branches? Easily have these branches connected on the same phone system, using the same main office number or different. Midshire Telecom’s phone systems are flexible and feature-packed meaning that they can easily be customised to suit the way your business works.