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Property – Industry Insight

Property – Industry Insight

Whether you manage a building in development or a space that is already occupied – there are varying needs when it comes to telecoms for property.

From phone systems for estate agents to comprehensive WiFi solutions for landlords, Midshire Telecom are here to help. Our communications experts can keep your building connected with little to no downtime and we can even help you monetise the communications within your building.

Phone Systems

Estate agents, for example, have complex requirements and not every phone system is up to the task. At Midshire Telecom, we’re the communications experts – we can help your business thrive and grow by providing the phone system that is best suited to the way your business works. Our team of experts can determine your telephony needs and address these with the right telephone system for your business, at the right price.


Just like heating, electricity and water, tenants now consider Wi-Fi to be an essential commodity. Providing Wi-Fi with your properties makes them more marketable and gives tenants another reason to choose your property over a another.