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What is a Thermal Camera?

What is a Thermal Camera?

With the rise of the COVID19 outbreak in 2020, demand has increased for elevated temperature detection devices such as Fever Screening Thermal Cameras. You might be asking the question however, What is a Thermal Camera?

Thermal imaging cameras are designed to detect and measure the thermal temperature emanating from a person, frequently referred to as a ‘heat signature’. The hotter a person is, the higher the thermal reading will be.

A thermal camera is fitted with a specialist lens that enables infrared frequencies to pass through an object and can be viewed as multi coloured images dependent on the heat emitted.

Essentially a Thermal Camera, is a heat sensor that detects differences in temperatures.

Can thermal cameras be used to detect viruses such as COVID-19?

No thermal camera can diagnose coronavirus or any other medical disease or virus, however they are a great tool for your organisation to offer a first level of defence. Where they can be effectively used is to identify and alert users to someone who has an elevated temperature.  This allows organisations to then move on to the next step in their defence by taking a manual temperature check of an individual with an in ear or mouth thermometer. After this 2 step protocol, your organisation can then deal appropriately with a potentially unwell person, be that to refuse entry to that individual or give them advice to seek medical guidance.

It should be noted that with some viruses, symptoms do not immediately show (the incubation period is relatively lengthy) and many do not present with an elevated temperature, so temperature measurement is not fool-proof. However, having a solution and safety protocol in place can go a long way to improving your safety.

Midshire Telecom have multiple solutions that can deal with individuals where they can be managed with an access control face recognition terminal or options for larger groups walking through at the same time with a mid range thermographic bullet camera.