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Face Mask Detection Solution

As the country works to reduce the impact and spread of Coronavirus whilst opening up for business again, many businesses are requiring visitors to wear masks. A face covering alert solution can help monitor visitors and provide prompts to remind them to wear a mask.

UPDATE: As of the 24th July 2020 it is now mandatory to wear face masks in UK shops unless you are exempt for medical reasons or are a child under 11 years of age.

How do mask detection cameras work?

Mask detection technology uses an AI algorithm to analyse face shape data. They can detect in real time whether a person is wearing a face mask or not.  These systems can be configured in a number of ways; for example in an office you may want to stop that individual from being allowed to enter the premises until they are wearing a mask or in a shop you may want an audio alert to remind the individual to put a mask on.

What are the benefits of mask detection solutions?

By using a mask detection camera it means that it’s quicker, easier, and safer to monitor people passing through a space to check they have face masks.

Our solutions are easy to deploy meaning that they useful in various scenarios where multiple people pass, like transport hubs, offices, warehouses and large shops.

Help reduce the load on employees that are returning to work. It provides an initial screening of people that are entering the building and can remind them to wear masks – reducing the need for manual checking.

Mask Detection from Midshire Telecom

Here at Midshire Telecom we can supply, install and maintain a range of mask detection solutions for businesses across the UK. Our team of experts can recommend the best set up for your business’ requirements and offer a comprehensive solution.

To find out more about our solutions as well as temperature detection, speak to one of our experts today!