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Business Door Entry Systems

No matter the size of your business, door entry systems can help you monitor visitors and increase overall building security. Getting the right door entry system can provide you with security by being able to identify visitors through speaking to them or viewing their image on a screen. If you are happy for them to enter, a button on the handset will release the door quickly and easily.

Door Entry is a valuable addition to any business security set up – controlling who is able to access your premises, or certain areas within your premises, is important to workplace safety and the security of your business. Easily secure your business premises by implementing an access control solution.

A door entry system serves as a doorbell and intercom for your business. It gives you complete control over who enters your premises. There are a broad range of door entry systems available, which means you can deploy the best solution for your business.

What types are there and how do they work?

Midshire Telecom offer a range of door entry systems, but the most popular are audio and video entry systems. Whether it’s an apartment block, offices or a larger industrial-scale deployment, we can help.

Audio Buzzer – Employees are able to enter a code to grant them access. Visitors can press a button which activates an internal control unit. The receptionist can converse with the visitor via their telephone to determine whether or not to give them access.

Video Entry System – this type of entry system has a camera at the point of entry so that the employees controlling access can have a live feed of the people that are trying to get access.