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CCTV for Business

It is becoming far more common for businesses across the UK to be looking at properly securing their business premises. Many do this by installing comprehensive CCTV, but how do you know you have the best CCTV for business? Midshire Telecom are here to help.

Monitoring your business premises by utilising business CCTV offers a whole host of advantages. Whether you’re looking for just one camera to cover the till, or a comprehensive full-building CCTV system or anything in between, Midshire Telecom can help.

So if you own a business and don’t currently have CCTV installed, below are just a few of the advantages of CCTV.

Crime deterrent – Having a CCTV camera installed at your business will act as a deterrent to criminals looking to carry out illegal activities at your business. By having visible CCTV, your business is significantly less likely to be targeted.

Resolve Disputes – CCTV in and around your business can act as proof when dealing with a range of potential issues such as employee feuds, altercations between staff and customers, damaged stock, missed deliveries etc.

Monitor Activity – Easily monitor both employees and visitors so that you can know whats happening at your business at all times, giving you complete peace of mind. Whilst observing staff at work can sometimes be a taboo subject, it’s less about monitoring productivity and more about monitoring their health and safety, ensuring your employees are safe in the workplace. For example, observing that an employee is using a machine incorrectly.

Reduce Insurance – Having CCTV installed on your property may even reduce the cost of your insurance as it acts as a deterrent to crime and can record any incidents that may occur. Ask your provider to make sure!

Types of CCTV Camera

There are many types of CCTV cameras available on the market and deciding which cameras are best for your business security can be a complicated and confusing process. Here at Midshire Telecom, we’ve got a comprehensive range of solutions and our office security consultants can discuss your requirements and offer you the best solution. To get started, we’ve outlined the top three most popular types of business security cameras below.

Dome Camera – These cameras are one of the most common types that are deployed in businesses across the UK. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use and they get their name from the dome shaped housing the camera sits in. Dome cameras are modern and sleek, providing visible security without being an eye-sore. Furthermore, the dome shape makes it difficult to see which way the camera is facing which further adds to its ability to deter crime.


Bullet Camera – These cameras are also common across businesses in the UK. They get their name from their long and cylindrical shape. Though they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these cameras are particularly useful for when long-distance viewing is required. Protective casings are also available to protect the camera from dust and water.


AI Powered – Whether it’s to focus on vehicles or people, AI powered cameras always try to see more due to their Deep Learning Technology. They can capture more faces in a single frame and from much wider angles; they can detect and distinguish human faces and vehicles from other objects with high accuracy and can recognise vehicle license plates with high accuracy.