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Office Security

Office security is of utmost importance to every business, no matter the size. Securing your premises and ensuring the safety of your staff and customers is an essential part of your business. The technology you use to ensure this security and safety is important too – the right technology will empower your business and make safety easier than ever.


One way in which you can secure your office premises is by installing a comprehensive CCTV system. Security camera systems can act as a deterrent to potential thieves and can help monitor and enforce health and safety for your staff and customers. By having CCTV recordings for your business, in the event that you are broken into, you will have evidence that will help you claim on your insurance, and even hopefully get your stolen items back.

Thermal Cameras

We have a range of Thermal Camera solutions that can be taken to improve your office security and staff safety, many of which require relatively inexpensive outlays. To find out what is best for your business we offer site reviews to discuss your premises and conduct a thorough security analysis. This review can identify weak spots and provide a clear plan for upgrading security.

Since the COVID19 outbreak in 2020, the demand for Fever Screening Thermal Cameras has seen a dramatic rise worldwide as governments and organisations look for effective means of raised temperature detection. Thermal Cameras aren’t medical devices and cannot diagnose a particular condition such as a person with COVID19, however, they can identify elevated body temperature, and that’s where they can add value to an organisation’s overall plan to tackle the spread of the virus.

Door Entry

Door Entry is a valuable addition to any business security set up – controlling who is able to access your premises, or certain areas within your premises, is important to workplace safety and the security of your business. Easily secure your business premises by implementing an access control solution.