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Telephone Systems for GP Surgeries

Telephone Systems for GP Surgeries

GP surgeries require a friendly, prompt and efficient service. Patients are often calling with concerns and they will expect a quick response to their call, therefore the telephone systems for GP surgeries need to accommodate these requirements.

GP surgeries often deal with a large quantity of calls, particularly peak times such as Monday mornings. In these cases queuing is a must to ensure all calls are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. In order to ensure staff resource is allocated correctly, reporting is needed to monitor the number of calls coming through.

Auto Attendant and Call Queuing

Having an auto-attendant really transforms the customer experience. It greets the caller, for example with a message saying that their call will be answered and ensures they are not left listening to a ring tone. It helps cut down the amount of time patients spend waiting in queues, as patient’s enquiries for opening hours and other information can be answered.

Patient’s calls to be queued at network level before they are delivered to a handset at the practice. Comfort messages can be played too, which will give patients reassurance that their call will be answered soon.

Integration with Industry Specific CRMs

With Midshire Telecom, your GP practice can benefit from a telephone system that can keep a record of call history and interactions with patients, as well as screen-pops on inbound calls to create a sense of customer service and care when answering calls. Midshire Telecom’s phone systems have the ability to integrate with EMIS, a leading CRM for the NHS and GP surgeries.

Receptionist Console

Helps reduce the time it takes for a call to come in and be transferred to the necessary department or individual. The ability to re-order the queue is important, as some calls may need to be dealt with quicker than others in case of emergency. The ‘Presence’ feature also allows the receptionist to check who is available before transferring the call.