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Hotels – Industry Insight

Hotels – Industry Insight

Hotels are busy places and the technology you implement across your hotel can have a direct impact on staff productivity and customer satisfaction.


People are more likely to visit with free WiFi and it is a common offering in hotels across the UK. Have you considered using it in your business to attract and market to customers? With Midshire Telecom, your hotel can have a comprehensive WiFi solution, without black spots. You can offer your guests free WiFi, manage/limit bandwidth speeds, or even sell WiFi access or higher bandwidth by offering guests WiFi tokens.

Midshire Telecom’s Hotel WiFi Solutions are perfect for businesses looking to get online without all the fuss – we do the hard work so you don’t have to. Find out more here.

Telephone System

The role of a hotel telephone system has changed dramatically over the last decade, as guests now prefer to use their own mobile devices rather than the hotels facilities. However, don’t be fooled into believing that a good quality telephone system is no longer required.

In the hospitality sector customer service is of paramount importance. Every impression that a customer gets has to be good, whereas with every delay or dissatisfied guest, you are at the mercy of a negative TripAdvisor review. With every guest interaction, it is an opportunity to build positive reviews and returning business. That’s why it is essential to have an excellent telephone system. Find out more here.