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Education – Industry Insight

Education – Industry Insight

Schools need reliable, resilient communications technology, and if there are circumstances that mean the technology cannot work in the way it is designed to, an effective disaster recovery plan is needed. Teacher and student safety is paramount and therefore implementing technology that enables the staff and students to be safe at school is imperative.

Midshire Telecom supply a comprehensive range of solutions designed with the Education sector in mind. Midshire telecom can supply install and maintain a range of solutions including; super-fast broadband, comprehensive WiFi solutions, online content monitoring and filtering and phone systems.


Midshire Telecom provide a range of super-fast broadband packages to suit the requirements of your school. Our packages ensure that your staff and students can take greater advantage of online resources, safe in the knowledge they will work well in lessons as well as when collaborating with colleagues at other locations without having to travel. Students will have the connectivity they need, meaning they can learn online without being slowed down.

We can also provide multi-site connectivity with Schools Connect, using an MPLS-based network.

Online Safety

The safety of both staff and students when online is of paramount importance to schools. It is of paramount importance that a school has comprehensive online-filtering and reporting so that users cannot access harmful material online, and that administrators can be made aware of those trying to access such content.

Midshire Telecom’s solutions provide real-time dashboards so that administrators have visibility of user activity as well as being able to quickly identify malicious individuals and actions. Sophisticated content filtering technology enables web traffic to be classified and filtered using multiple predefined and custom categories. Find out more here.

Telephone System

Tighter budgets have become an everyday reality for most schools, so its vitally important that allocated funds are not wasted on an inefficient telephone system. With this in mind, we have a range of cost effective VoIP telephone systems and flexible payment options to suit your school.

The right telephone system can assist staff in managing the learning environment, enabling teachers to concentrate on areas where they are most effective – delivering quality education.

Find out more about the benefits of VoIP for Schools here.