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Remote Working

Remote Working

With the advent of VoIP and Hosted telephone systems it is now possible for your company to use remote working, and allow employees to work effectively and productively wherever they are yet still be contactable as if they were in the office.

Remote working has become common practice over recent years. With the recent Covid-19 outbreak in early 2020, remote working was key for businesses as they had to send staff home during the lock down.

At Midshire Telecom, we can provide a full range of telephony solutions to allow remote working for your staff and business, but also allow you access to reports on staff productivity. Your current telephone system may already have everything you need to allow remote access but it has never been enabled. Our telephony specialists can configure this for you allowing users to use there desk phone and work from home.

Midshire Telecom partners with some of the industry’s leading telecommunication providers to deliver advanced VoIP phone solutions. Along with cost-saving benefits over traditional telecoms, our VoIP solutions also allow staff to route calls to a desk phone seamlessly and easily to your mobile phone.

We have a number of telephone system integrated mobile apps which can give you the ability to access your desk phone at home, taking and making calls as if you are in the office.

If you need to have a vital conference call with colleagues, customers or suppliers, you can use HostX Collaborate video calling and conferencing software to communicate face-to-face. Use either your laptop’s webcam or your phone’s camera to host a video call and engage with key clients or colleagues instantaneously.

HostX Collaborate allows you to video call as many as 25 people simultaneously, meaning your whole team or department can remain connected. With the ability to share documents and make presentations as well, it’s the next best solution to being in the room with them.

How do staff members make and receive calls at home?

As an extension of our hosted voice service, we can provide home workers with several options to enable them to work from home or remotely:

Take their physical handset home. If you already have a physical or soft phone, you can utilise these at home through the existing internet connection.

We can provide homes users with a mobile phone application which can be installed on IOS (Apple) or Android handsets. It will replicate everything the phone system can do in the office.

We can provide home users and office based users with an integrated softphone which is a PC / Apple based program which gives you visibility of your staff members. It allows you to view users online, send instant messages, make calls and transfer calls.

Benefits of Remote Working

Increased Productivity – Staff can work on the move instead of tying them down to the office.

Improved Communication – Staff whose role has them constantly on the move have full access to all features of the telephone system no matter where they are.

Reduce Wasted Time and Costs – Travel time is vastly reduced as staff can now operate at home as well as reducing fuel costs.

Work Life Balance – Staff can work from the comforts of their own home, striking a good work-life balance but without the stress, noise and distractions of a busy office environment.