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Samsung XChange

With Midshire Telecom you can now connect your Samsung telephone system to your office computer using Samsung XChange, making you and your business more productive.

Improve productivity levels for your business by connecting your telephone system to your office computer with Samsung Xchange. This bespoke software will be entirely built around your business and your requirements, giving you the perfect platform to thrive. It boasts features that are simple and easy to use, ensuring you can manage, support and monitor your communication system effectively.

The call reporting features provided by Samsung Xchange are extensive. You will have the ability to measure the results you’ve obtained from the analysis of your system in an incredibly short space of time. You also have the ability to identify unanswered calls and verify call costs. Other features and benefits include call control for your PC, internal contact manager, a detailed call history and simple point and click functionality.

All in all, by investing in Samsung Xchange with Midshire Telecom you will be able to engage in organisational, extension and client billing, while controlling communication capacity and traffic flow, combating telecommunications fraud and optimising staff levels and efficiency. The positive impact this can have on your business and your profit level is outstanding.


– Make calls direct from your PC
– Integrate your CRM with your phone system
– Detailed call analytics on your PC
– Dial from anywhere
– Employee presence – see if your colleagues are available, out of office, in a meeting etc