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EMIS Health CRM Integration

Keeping the Healthcare Sector & Patients in Communication

The Healthcare sector require a friendly, prompt and efficient service. Patients are often calling with concerns and they will expect a quick response to their call, therefore the telephony solution that is chosen must accommodate these requirements.

The Challenge

The health sector often deal with a large quantity of calls, particularly at present with the COVID-19 pandemic. In these cases, call queueing is a must to ensure all calls are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. This will enable the practice to work as efficiently as possible.

Certain calls within a healthcare environment require urgent attention, as a result the telephony system implemented will need to ensure that it prioritises calls and that patients are not left waiting for long periods of time, particularly in an emergency situation. Consultations over the phone as well as virtual appointments are a good way for patients to communicate with the practice when remote working. Having the ability to hold consultations outside of practice hours can reduce the strain on the day to day running of the business. As a result, call and video recording will probably need to be considered so that key information can be easily accessed, for triage purposes. The health sector need to have easy access to these features in case under unforeseen circumstances such as a local lockdown arising, the practice needs to close unless for emergency appointments.

The Solution

With the integration between EMIS and our HostX Telephone System, healthcare professionals now have powerful shared functionality across electronic patient records and their telephone system. All patient records are stored in the CRM directory, with a simple click-to-dial functionality allowing practitioners to contact patients from their desktop. Calls also now ‘screen pop’ to show who is calling before the phone is answered, ensuring you have patient records at your finger tips.

Multiple sites can be easily and cost-effectively connected with one system, making call transfers to other locations seamless with extension numbers. This will make the experience for both the healthcare professional and the patient more streamlined and less frustrating.

What’s more, HostX is a cloud-based solution that requires no costly onsite hardware, eliminating the need for expensive maintenance. All calls and video conferences can be held from your desktop. Furthermore, it is a reliable solution with built-in disaster recovery, so the practice can remain operational at all times.

The Benefits of EMIS Health CRM Integration with HostX

• Click to Dial from your Desktop – patient directory
• Personalise care – see who’s calling
• Automatically track patient contact
• Provide customised voicemail
• Connect multiple practices seamlessly
• Work from home and hold patient appointments
• Video Appointments on demand
• Unforeseen closure messages