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HostX Contact Centre, designed to work alongside the HostX Cloud Telephone System, is an integrated business communication and customer contact solution that simplifies multi-channel customer interaction, perfect for organisations who want to make it easier for customers to engage with them. Unlike most Contact Centre solutions, HostX Contact provides an easy to use, self-service feature set, for small to medium businesses, at a price point they can afford.

✔️ Extensive Management Reporting

Comprehensive reporting tool that enables multiple reports to be created across all channels and can easily be viewed in the HostX Contact portal. Reports are easier than ever with the ability to schedule and deliver to managers as and when needed.

✔️ Access Anytime, Anywhere

As HostX Contact is cloud-based this means that Agents are able to log into any device and work anytime, anywhere. HostX Contact is fully compatible with all HostX Handsets and Agents can even work from their laptop with a headset. All this made possible because HostX Contact uses WebRTC to deliver the same experience wherever your teams have internet access.

✔️ CRM Integration

With CRM integration, Agents can quickly and easily find a contact’s information and call history. Agents can also benefit from caller display for inbound calls and the ability to ‘click to dial’ for outbound calls.

✔️ Quick, Secure and Scalable Deployment

HostX Contact is scalable and easy to deploy from 2 to 500 users. Licences can be added at any time, as and when your business grows and are also available on 30-day contracts for managing peak demand. HostX Contact gives your business the ability to be flexible with its telephony.

✔️ Enterprise Grade Architecture

Midshire Telecom’s HostX Contact relies on architecture that offers 99.99% uptime, backed by a Service Level Agreement. Midshire Telecom’s service is built across four data centres meaning that loss of any single site will not impact the ability to service customers.

Smart Working with Omni Channel

Voice Features

Comprehensive set of voice features to enable agents to make and receive calls. Agents can also manage current and historical communication with customers.

Inbound telephone calls can be queued and managed all within the contact centre environment. Calls can be prioritised into VIP queues, based on the caller’s telephone number to ensure they are provided with a premium service.

Some customers might not be in a position to wait in a queue to speak to an agent. HostX Contact can be configured to assess a caller’s position in a queue, announce the estimated wait time, and offer the caller the option of a call back if the wait time is too long. Selected time slots can also be offered to provide flexibility for your customers.

Call recording is also an option for inbound, outbound and internal calls. This fantastic feature is perfect for customer service, training or audit purposes. Callers can also be provided with an option to opt out of their calls being recorded, however Agents can still select to record their part of the call.

Email Features

Connect HostX Contact to email servers to send and receive emails using the POP3, SMTP and IMA protocols.

Email queues enable the efficient treatment of all inbound email to the contact centre. Emails can be automatically routed to queues by sender or based on keywords used within the email.
Agents that are assigned to the email queue will be able to access templated responses to speed their workflow. These responses can be written by the administrator and made available on a per queue basis.


Webchat is the fastest growing communication channel and using simple tools, you can embed code into your website that will connect your potential sales leads directly to the most skilled
agent. Webchat conversations can be served between calls to ensure high agent productivity or agents can work on multiple chats at the same time.

Management Reporting

There is a comprehensive reporting tool built into HostX Contact that enables multiple different reports to be created and viewed with the HostX Contact Portal. Reports can be scheduled and exported either to a third-party reporting tool or to manager’s email addresses.

Wallboards and Live Data

Wallboards can easily be constructed to show powerful live data from the minute an agent starts to handle a call, email or web chat. The dashboards present information relating to service numbers, queues, and live status events such as the availability of Agents, which is fundamental for Supervisors to review performance and in addition change the status of Agents if they are no longer available