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In today’s digital era, your business needs to be flexible to respond to customers quickly, at any time of the day. Your employees need to be harnessed with the tools to handle a constant flow of queries and projects they are working on. Faster response times can be the key for retained business, helping you stay ahead of the competition and stand out in a crowded market.

Whether internally collaborating with other employees or dealing externally with customers, getting everyone together is as easy as sharing a link to the required people. By effectively connecting people, applications, clouds and networks, you can transform how quickly and efficiently information is shared, thereby satisfying your customer’s increasing demands as well as improving employee productivity for your business.

HostX Collaborate offers services such as instant messaging, presence, voice, video, desktop / application sharing and document sharing. From team meetings to live streaming a meeting, or dialling into a conference call, HostX Collaborate offers the ability to enhance the communication experience. Hostx Collaborate is available on all platforms, including; Windows, MAC, Android and iOS, enabling employees and customers alike to access business communications and collaboration services from their favourite devices – wherever they are.

Fully integrated with the Midshire Telecom’s HostX Telephone System, HostX Collaborate supports all the features and functionality of the telephony service for a true unified communications experience.

HostX Collaborate is suitable for any sized business looking to improve productivity, increase collaborative team working, attract more diverse talent and speed up business decisions.

Features and Benefits:

Instant messaging

Online chat between users, reducing
email inefficiencies.

Video Calling

Create a stronger collaborative experience
using visual communication from mobile
or desktop app.


Shows personal status that helps define
the best way to communicate.

Ad-hoc and Planned Conferencing

Quick and easy multi-party collaboration
using My Room, a personal and fully
managed conferencing space for voice,
video and sharing.

Hosted PBX features

The full telephony feature set and
service including bundled minutes.