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Hosted Phone System – HostX

Hosted Phone System – HostX

Our Cloud Hosted Phone System, HostX, provides you with all of the functionality of a traditional phone system but without the need for expensive upfront cost for installation or the ongoing costs for maintenance. The hosted telephone system has the added benefit of being operated and maintained by ourselves, which gives your business the opportunity to spend more time on what matters most – your customers.

With HostX, your staff have the opportunity to work from home, a hotel or even on the go with their mobile phone – all while still being connected to your office telephone system. In turn, this means that incoming calls to your business can be transferred through via an extension number as if the staff member was present in the office. Likewise, if your office is based in the UK, you can be working anywhere in the world, making calls and presenting the main UK telephone number to the recipient of the call. This has major cost advantages as international calls can be made, at the same price as a local call.

HostX comes with fantastic flexibility because you can choose how you want to communicate:

☎️ Desk Phones make calls from a range of high-quality IP phones.

🎧 Headsets High-quality audio and fantastic active noise cancelling to make sure you are heard clearly whether you’re in the boardroom or a busy office.

📱 Mobile With HostX you can easily make and receive calls, access voicemail, corporate directory and much more all from your mobile device.

🖥️ Computer Use your computer to make and receive calls, access all the telephony features of HostX as well as fantastic features like click-to-dial.

What is a hosted telephone system?

Older and more traditional telephone systems were boxes of hardware located on your premises and connected to ISDN telephone lines. These types of telephone systems are now outdated and are quickly becoming less fit-for-purpose in today’s technology centred environments. Furthermore, with the ISDN Switch Off happening in 2025, switching to a more modern telephone system that doesn’t rely on this technology is more important than ever.

Hosted Telephony, sometimes known as Hosted VoIP, is a Unified Communications solution that does not use a physical telephone system based in your business premises. Instead, the telephone system is hosted in the cloud and your employees use desk phones powered over your business broadband connection. You can even utilise soft clients on your computer, mobile or tablet to utilise the telephone system and all its features – which makes flexible and remote working easier than ever!

Benefits of a hosted telephone system

Cost – With a hosted phone system there is little or no upfront capital outlay, you only pay a monthly set cost making it easy to factor into your budgets. Traditionally, adopting an office telephone system with a bundle of added features can be very costly, however, with HostX Hosted Cloud Telephone System, your business can have all of these attributes as well as its added functionality already included in the HostX package.

Communicate Better – With software like Collaborate for HostX, gain access to features like Instant messaging, voice and video conferencing and much more – all using your telephone system. Have your own room and manage who has access and when – easily send out invites to colleagues on Collaborate, or clients using a web-browser.

Scalable – Historically, when your business reached growth milestones you’d need to replace your telephone system as it reached capacity. Those days are gone. You don’t need a whole new phone system when your business reaches growth milestones. HostX grows alongside your business meaning you can add users as you grow with little to no fuss. Furthermore, when your business needs change and you need more features from your system, such as an auto-attendant, music on hold or call queuing, it’s easy with HostX.

Disaster Recovery – There are many reasons that you may not be able to access your office or have staff working properly – from pandemics, adverse weather conditions and more, make sure your business can function as normal with a HostX. Disaster recovery comes built-in. Apply diverts almost instantly, manage call plans and routes, change or add auto-attendants etc.

Features of a hosted telephone system

HostX comes with a whole load of exclusive features, in the box, making it the perfect platform for growing businesses, some of the features of the solution include:

– Hold Call                      – Call Transfer
– Call Parking                 – Click to call
– Call back                       – Queues
– Call history                   – Enhanced Operator Console
– CRM Integration         – Voicemail
– Alerts                             – Conferences
– Pick up groups             – Call Recording
– Hunt Groups                – Import for Setups
– Call Screening              – Music on hold
– Remote access              – User control
– DND (Do not disturb) – Call Waiting
– Call Diversion               – Time & Day Routes
– Caller Id Routes            – Force hang up
– Active call list                – Live call pricing
– Call announcement