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HiHi Business Phone System

HiHi Business Phone System

As a Platinum Partner of HiHi, we’re proud to offer their latest deskphone, HiHi3, as part of our business phone systems. With built-in video calling technology, access to the Google Play Store, a high-definition touchscreen display and enhanced phone features, HiHi3 allows you to improve the way you do business.

HiHi is the business deskphone made to feel familiar. Built with an Android operating system, it provides a sleek user-experience which helps to make your day-to-day life easier.

Simple call forwarding and diverts
With HiHi3, forwarding and diverting calls has been made easier; simply find the contact in your phone book and press the appropriate button.
See at a glance who is available in your team
HiHi3 boasts the Presence feature; allowing you to see a Green, Yellow or Red icon beside each contact’s name to indicate their availability.
Easily search through your phonebook
HiHi3 makes managing your contacts straightforward. Similarly to your mobile phone, you can search for a contact by name or number using the touchscreen display.
Quickly transfer calls to contacts
Transferring calls has also been simplified. You can now choose from a consultative transfer, where you introduce the caller to your contact, or a direct transfer where you put them through.
High quality voice and video calls
We understand that the most important thing for any business is to have highly reliable calls, which is why this has remained a focus for both audio and video calls on HiHi3.

Face-to-face business meetings

Face-to-face business meetings

Enjoy face-to-face communication on HiHi3, which has built-in video technology, allowing you to make and receive high-quality video calls between HiHi devices so you can see and speak to others without the need to travel. HiHi3 gives you the advantage of holding private video calls from your desk at home or in the office, as well as being able to undock the tablet while on a call, giving you the freedom to move around.

Partnered with the mobile app, HiHi There, you can also video call with your customers and suppliers if they do not have a HiHi3 themselves.

Stay connected anywhere with HiHi mobile apps

The HiHi Connect app allows you to use your mobile phone as an extension of your HiHi3, meaning you can stay connected to customers and colleagues when working remotely. If you are away from your desk when your HiHi3 rings, you can simply answer the call via the HiHi Connect app on your mobile, which also offers video calling functionality.

HiHi There is a unique app that allows you to invite non-HiHi3 users to a video call by pressing the HiHi There icon on your deskphone. This app gives you the advantage of being able to see and speak to your customers and suppliers via video, without the need to travel.

Flexible working with the removable tablet

HiHi3 is made up of two components, the base unit and a tablet. The tablet itself is the main element of the HiHi3, giving you the ability to make and receive calls, as well as storing all your contacts, files, photos and apps.

Undocking your tablet from your HiHi3 gives you the freedom to take your device elsewhere so you can work remotely, while remaining in contact with your colleagues and customers. HiHi3 provides the benefit of being more than just a phone, allowing you access to important features when working remotely.

Google certified business phone

HiHi3 is a Google Certified device, giving you access to the Google Play Store so you can easily download apps to help make your workflow easier. By logging into your Google account, you’ll have access to your emails, files, photos and calendar on your HiHi3, as well as the ability to sync your contacts into your phonebook, so you have access to them in a single list.

All your files, contacts, emails and apps are stored on the detachable tablet, ensuring you can access them from wherever you are.

Fast to install, even faster to use

Thanks to utilising cloud technology, HiHi3 is one of the fastest phones to install.

We’ll have HiHi3 devices to you within a few days of you joining us, so that you can enjoy them while we transfer any remaining services. It’s also much faster to use HiHi than a standard business phone, with the touch screen interface making everything available to you in just a couple of clicks!

HiHi3 comes with a number of included features, making it the perfect platform for growing businesses. Some of the features include:

– UK Call Centre Support
– Nationwide Engineers
– Hold Call
– Call Transfer
– Call Parking
– Click to call
– Call back
– Queues
– Call history
– Call Reporting
– Call Recording
– CRM Integration
– Voicemail
– Conferences (audio only)
– Pick up groups
– Call Recording
– Hunt Groups
– Music on hold
– Call Waiting
– Call Diversion
– UK Call Centre Support
– DND (Do not disturb)