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Call Recording

Call Recording

Listening to your customers can offer a valuable insight into your organisation: maximising customer service, helping with staff training, and ensuring peace of mind when it comes to due diligence. At Midshire Telecom we can provide intuitive and secure call recording solutions, giving direct control to you over both your telephony and your business.

Call recording solutions are rapidly becoming a standard addition for business telephone systems. It not only provides protection and contractual compliance for organisations and their employees but it also helps to maintain the quality of your training and the compliance of your employees. The age when recording calls was used solely by the emergency services, legal houses and financial institutions is a distant memory as businesses of all sizes are beginning to recognise the benefits of recording their calls.

Call recording and tracking software is now becoming an integral part of customer relationship strategies and many organisations just like yours are now taking full advantage of the low-cost initial investment required for recording calls that deliver high value returns.

No limit on recorded calls

With the sheer amount of information that we convey over voice calls on a daily basis, recording your businesses calls is more important than ever. Midshire Telecom offer a range of low cost recording solutions that enable automatic or manual recordings. Our recording solutions give your business the functionality to record both ends of a call for incoming, outgoing and conference calls. One of the main benefits is that you can record unlimited calls.

Where are call recording stored?

Depending on the brand of your current telephone system, there are numerous ways in which your call recordings can be stored:

Online Portal – This can allow your business to listen to calls on an online platform, meaning you can have access to your call recordings on move.

Local PC or Hard drive – Call recordings can be stored on a secure local PC or network device, giving you powerful playback tools to analyse your calls and develop strategies and action plans based on your findings.

Data Handling Compliance

Midshire Telecom call recording is great for any size of business, looking to keep a track on customer service levels.

  • GDPR compliant
  • MIFID2 compliant – access to audit trails, encrypted storage: AES-256 bit encryption, calls stored for 7 years.