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At Midshire Telecom, we supply a wide range of useful accessories and phone system add ons enabling your business to get the full capabilities out of your telecoms solution. Not only does this ensure you get the best out of your telecoms solution, but it will also go a long way to improving your business processes as well as aid staff training. This is one of a number of extra services that Midshire Telecom provide that delivers the finishing touch to any telecoms solution, providing a bespoke solution based on our belief that one size doesn’t fit all.

Here are just a few of the key phone system add ons that Midshire Telecom can provide for your business:

Music on Hold

Midshire Telecom can provide a music on hold solution, to aid your business in getting the best return on your phone system. Handling calls efficiently should be coupled with giving the best audio impression to you customers. Our music on hold service is cost effective and easy to use, making professional announcements a no-brainer for every business.

We have over 200 Voice Actors across the globe, ready and waiting to record your announcements so you can rest assured you get a fully bespoke recording for your business.

Intercom Systems

Integrate an intercom door entry system into your phone system and it will not only provide security to your property and employees but also minimise the time your staff are away from their desks.

At the touch of a button, they’ll be able to screen visitors using their telephone handset, from the security of their desks and only allow entry to pre-arranged visitors.

Call Recording

Midshire Telecom call recording carries a number of benefits from resolving customer disputes and queries, as well as ensuring your business is fully FSA and DSS compliant. Midshire uses the latest call recording solutions, packed with innovative features allowing users to search, record, play and archive telephone calls.

CRM Integration

Connect your telephone system to your office computer with Midshire CRM Integration. Make calls at the click of the button and automatically have your customer account details at your fingertips. This bespoke software will be entirely built around your business and your requirements, giving you the perfect platform to thrive.