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At Midshire Telecom, we supply a wide range of telephone system add ons, enabling your business to get the full capabilities out of your telecoms solution. One solution which is very popular amongst businesses is a telephone intercom system.

It is not always possible for businesses to employ a receptionist or secretary, especially if there is little foot traffic coming through the door each day. However, when you do have an unexpected visitor, it is always wise to remain vigilant.

Integrate an intercom door entry system into your telephone system and it will not only provide added security, but also minimise the time your staff are away from their desks.

Visitors can be screened on camera, without having to leave the desk. Staff will be able to speak and grant access to the visitor using their telephone handset.

Midshire Telecom will install an intercom system on the external of your building and connect to your businesses intercom phone system. We can then liaise with you, to program a pattern of exactly who you want to answer the intercom. We can program the system so if a member of staff is away from their desk, it will automatically divert to the next person on the list. This type of system can ensure your business will save costs on employing a receptionist.

If your company does not already have a telephone intercom system, installing one in your business is easy and cost effective when using your existing telecoms set up. Contact Midshire Telecom today so we can begin to discuss your exact requirements, and arrange a free no obligation site visit to confirm further details, and provide a quote.